Wildlife & nature illustrations

As you might’ve gathered from my Snailspace commission, I really (really!) love the outdoors. From ladybirds to your family cat - I welcome commissions for them all!

Danni Smith Art - cockerel illustration.jpg

Colour and concept

Drawing from nature gives me a great excuse to experiment with colour. Here, I used watercolour before editing the illustration digitally to add an extra dimension.

Danni Smith Art - summer daisies.jpg


I’m honoured to be involved in the Martlets’ Snailspace project. There are currently 50 snails on the streets of Brighton - including my design outside The Ivy in the Lanes, Ship Street. Find out more about my snail sculpture here.

Danni Smith Art - peacock butterfly.jpg

Concepts and commissions

I love working on commissions inspired by nature. This butterfly illustration was a research piece for tattoo I designed for a friend. For inspiration, I just have to go out onto the South Downs behind my house.